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Complete Thermal Systems & Standalone Controllers

We understand that sometimes you will need additional components to make our heater solution work with your application.

These thermal systems may typically include heaters, temperature sensors, blowers, thermal controls, pressure or flow switches, and other safety devices as required. These systems are usually integrated into an enclosure or housing designed to fit a specific function in a client's product.

As with all of our custom solutions, our complete thermal systems are designed with performance, reliability, and cost in mind.

Watch the animation below below to discover what components typically make up a complete thermal solution or visit the Thermal Process Controller 1500 product page to learn more about our standard complete thermal system

Full Thermal System

Thermal Process Controller

Thermal Process Controller

The Thermal Process Controller is a self contained heating solution complete with heater, control, and regenerative air source. This unit is capable of temperatures up to 1200°F while generating airflows up to 10 SCFM and velocity up to 85 ft./sec.

Thermal Process Controller Infosheet (647kB)

Product Demonstration Video

Thermal Process Controller Demonstration

Thermal Process Controller 1500

Thermal Process Controller 1500

The Thermal Process Controller 1500, formerly know as the DigiTherm, is a 1.5kW Cool Touch™ heater + state-of-the-art digital controller + flow switch + solid-state relay packaged in a convenient wall-mountable steel enclosure. This very unique product takes the guesswork out of process heating applications which require a moderate amount of wattage and have 120V or 240V power available. The heater is capable of airflows up to 25 SCFM and up to 120 PSIG. Maximum output temperature is 371°C (700°F) depending upon airflow.

Thermal Process Contorller 1500 Infosheet (240kB)

Standalone Controllers

Standalone Controllers

To optimize the performance of your existing resistance heater or your Farnam Custom air heater we highly recommend one of controller solutions. Our controllers provide an effecient and easy-to-use solution for maintaining the consistency of your heaters performance. Our Control Cubes are a low cost, highly compact solution. Our Control Panels are a heavy duty and very accurate control system for larger power heaters.

Control Cube Infosheet (48kB)

Control Panel Infosheet (107kB)