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Custom Surface Heater Solutions

Our Process


We listen to your objectives.


We develop a design that
meets your needs.


We build and test your
custom heating solution.

We develop and manufacture innovative custom heater solutions for clients who want to improve their product's performance, reliability and cost.

Mica surface heaters are great for temperatures up to 1100°F. They heat by conduction and need to be clamped tightly to the surfaces they are heating. We work with clients to recommend clamping / mounting arrangements which will maximize the excellent heat transfer efficiencies inherent in this product.

Mica surface heaters can provide most any desired temperature distribution. By learning about your application, we develop heaters which are optimal for your product. Our cost-effective custom heater solutions are tailored to deliver maximum advantages for each specific application.

Our heaters help create a competitive advantage for our clients. Some of the following examples illustrate uses and merits of these custom heaters.

Answer a few questions about your specific heating needs, and we'll respond promptly.

Custom Solutions

Below are some examples of the many custom heaters we have developed for our clients.

Custom Surface Heater for Heat Press

This custom mica surface heater retrofitted into our customer's existing heat press equipment. It's durability and long life resulted in a significant cost savings.

  • Rapid heat up, cool down
  • Even heat spread
  • Rugged Construction

Laboratory Hot Plate

This versatile mica hot plate heater can reach temperatures up to 1100 degrees F and was cut to a very precise shape to work around internal components.

  • Rapid heat up time
  • Custom shape for specific mounting needs
  • Very even heat distribution