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Energy Industry

Windmills and Solar Panels

With ever increasing global demand for energy, and growing concerns over finding clean, reliable alternatives, Tutco Farnam is positioned to provide the industry with durable, long lasting heat solutions. Our heaters are ideal for protecting outdoor installations from moisture and cold, and for mitigating air pollutants. We are prepared the industry meet today's energy needs, while looking forward to the changes of tomorrow.

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Custom Energy Industry Case Histories

Duct Heater

Duct Heater

Visit our Duct Heaters page for more information about these heaters.

Axial Fan Heater

Axial Fan Heater

Visit our Axial Fan Heater pages for more information about how these heaters apply to this industry.

Flow Torch

Flow Torch

Visit our Flow Torch pages for more information about how these heaters apply to this industry

Custom Heater Solution

Your Custom Heating Solution

Tutco Farnam has the talent to develop a custom solution for your specific needs. Visit our Custom Air or Custom Surface heaters pages to learn more.

Application Examples

Enclosure Heating, Freeze Protection & Dehumidification

  • Wind & Solar Power Enclosures
  • Electrical Boxes

Pollution Mitigation

  • Exhaust Particulate Filtration
  • Air Scrubbers


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