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Custom Air Heaters

Our Process


We listen to your objectives.


We develop a design that
meets your needs.


We build and test your
custom heating solution.

We design Custom Air Heaters for numerous Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and end users. While our competitors attempt to modify your project to their heater, we design a custom thermal solution specifically tailored to your exact specifications. The only person who will put more into making your project a success than Tutco-Farnam is you. Tutco-Farnam's Air Heater leadership can be applied to your specific application so you can achieve maximum results in function, product performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to; Medical Device, Industrial Process, Laboratory Equipment, Food Service and Dehumidification. We build enthusiasm and long term relationships with our clients by providing innovative products, excellent customer service, cost effective manufacturing, responsive deliveries and a strong ISO 9001 Quality System.

Answer a few questions about your specific heating needs, and we'll respond promptly.

Custom Solutions

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Below are some examples of the many custom heaters we have developed for our clients.

Ceiling Mounted Bathroom Heater

This system features a heater mounted to a venturi plate which is mounted to a blower. The client needed well mixed air, but had a temperature sensitive material near the exhaust. The application was very cost sensitive, and integration of the blower venturi and heater mount features into a single stamping kept the product within budget.

  • Efficient Open Coil Design
  • Consistently Safe Operation

Custom Duct Heaters

Customer had used finned tubular elements, and wanted to explore other options for their new generation equipment. Customer needed a heating solution to be implemented within existing space. Minimizing pressure drop was a high priority. Must be rugged and reliable

  • Low Mass & Low Pressure Drop
  • Efficient Open Coil Design
  • Long Lasting, Rugged, Reliable

Custom Heating Element for Food Service Cooker

A 28" bar heater for a food service cooker. Custom heater replaces an existing inefficient tubular heater. The goal was to decrease heat up time while decreasing power consumption.

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Improved Cook Time & Quality

Custom Heating Element for Medical Storage Device

Heater designed to retrofit into an existing line of medical equipment to solve the problem of heater failures in the original device.

  • Efficient Open Coil Design
  • Retrofits Into Existing Equipment
  • Low Cost Alternative to Off The Shelf Option

Custom Heating Element for Scientific Instrument

0.187" diameter heater for a zero clearance probe. Provides precision heating of gas stream.

  • Very Small Diameter
  • Shielded Wiring
  • Superior Performance at Lower Cost to Customer

Heat Diffuser Box

A system that provides uniform heat distribution, reliability, and low operational cost.

  • Even Temperature Distribution
  • Efficient Open Coil Design
  • Complete Thermal System

High Velocity Hand Dryer

We designed a very open heater with little pressure drop to fit into a very small space. The sturdy construction helps it withstand the force of the air flow.

  • Very Little Pressure Drop
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Self-positioning For Easy Installation

Internal Heating System for Medical Imaging Device

Provides internal temperature regulation for the CT Scanner resulting in the improved image resolution.

  • Retrofits Into Existing Equipment
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Improves Image Resolution

Miniature Heat Torch for Blood Analyzer

A very small precision heat torch used to make film cuvettes in real time for blood storage and testing on board the Instrument. Fits in a very small space (1" profile). Heats to 380°F in 3.5 seconds.

  • Very Small Profile
  • Precise Performance
  • Easy Installation & Replacement

Patient Warming Blanket Heater

We designed a heater to fit in a small space and operate safely in a hospital operating room, with oxygen nearby and patient connected to other machines.

  • Compact Design
  • Gradual Temperature Ramp Up For Safety & Comfort
  • Over Temperature Thermostat For Additional Safety

Round Air Stream Heater

We developed a low mass open coil heater for installation in a tubular duct. The heater retrofit into existing product as well as new models. The heater's low mass and conical shape, provide the maximum heat profile.

  • Efficient Open Coil Design
  • Retrofits Into Existing Equipment

Shrink Wrapping Heat System

A self contained heat system integrating a blower, heater and thermocouple inside an easy to clean insulated housing. Operates reliably day and night.

  • Complete Custom Heat System
  • Efficient Open Coil Design
  • Durable & Long Lasting