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Enclosure Heater

Enclosure Heater

The Enclosure Heater is designed for freeze prevention and condensation protection. It offers the end user a rugged and reliable solution while being easy to install. The heating element is sandwiched in mica and then pressed between metal to ensure it is electrically safe.


Product Details

Enclosure Heater - Features

  • Custom designs and components available
  • No exposed connections
  • Integrated thermostat for consistent enclosure temperatures
  • 22" Teflon leads
  • Optional bracket increases natural convection and offers a variety of mounting options
  • Optional pressure sensitive adhesive reduces installation time
  • 120, 240V standard. Custom voltages available.
  • Easy installation, safe operation

Enclosure Heater - Industries & Applications

  • Electronic Enclosure Protection
  • Traffic Signal Boxes
  • ATM Machines
  • Control Valve Housings
  • Pump Houses

Enclosure Heater - Safety Warnings

  • DO NOT handle heater while it is operational
  • DO NOT use in the presence, or possible presence, of combustible or flammable materials
  • DO NOT bybass thermostat. Doing so will decrease unit life and pose a possible electrical hazard.
  • DO NOT exceed rated heater voltage
  • ALWAYS disconnect the heater from power source, and allow to cool, before removing from enclosure unit.
  • In order to comply with UL508A the heater needs to be mounted 2 inches or more from polymeric insulating materials of components and wiring, other than the internal wiring connected to the heater.

Enclosure Heater - Dimensioned Drawings

Enclosure Heater Dimensioned Drawing with Mounting Bracket Enclosure Heater Dimensioned Drawing with Tape Mounting



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